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Tommy Kuti is a very well-known name among Afro-Italians. In fact, Afroitalian is the title of the single he released with Universal Italia, which in October 2016 has officially listed him in its roster.  The rapper – from Brescia, of Nigerian descent – got into rap listening to artists like 50 Cents  and G-Unit, and among Italian rappers he likes Fabri Fibra, Marracash and Bassi Maestro.

He was the founder of Mancamelanina Records, an independent label that brought together several artists who, besides their skills, have Italian and African origins.

Three years ago, his T-shirt ‘Non Sono Straniero Sono Solo StraneroI’m not a stranger, I’m just stranero [Italian pun which means “very black”] went viral.

The release of his first album is scheduled for 2018.

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