SANGUE MISTO – Mixed Blood

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Sangue Misto is a GRIOT x Jazz:Re:Found event aimed at celebrating and amplyfing the voice of African Italian artists.

The event is split in two appointments: ‘Sangue Misto (Mixed Blood) Appuntamento ai Marinai‘ and ‘Sangue Misto (Mixed Blood) Sound, Identity, Representation‘.

GRIOT is a magazine, a collective and a creative platform that celebrates aesthetic, creative and cultural diversity. This year, we have been invited by Jazz Re:Found Festival (November 29 – December 3) to conceive and organise an event to shed a light on stories, people, and creative excellences that are the essence of contemporary Italy, too, but are invisible to the majority of Italians: African Italians.

These appointments follow up Stay Black!, a panel organised by the festival in 2016 (and mainly focused on African American music and culture) which we attended as panelists (represented by Johanne Affricot) alongside Afropunk’s editor-in-chief Lou Constant-Desportes, and other renowned guests.

Finally our turn has arrived and this year the focus will be on Italy, on African Italian cultural producers and up and coming artists of the contemporary Italian music scene we invited.

We are extremely glad to have been chosen by Jazz:Re:Found and its founder, Denis Longhi, to help out with this cultural challenge, everyone’s challenge, a challenge that needs more support in order to spread culture and face the rising regurgitation of hatred and fear of “the other” we are experiencing in Italy, and achieve concrete results. In order to do so we have involved Michele, founder and creative director of Crudo Volta music collective, and Cedric Kibongui, DJ and event organizer, who will moderate the panel Sangue Misto: Sound, Identity, Representaion, alongside GRIOT.

Johanne Affricot