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“Culture activator” for passion – and mission – Johanne Affricot was born and raised in Rome to Haitian mother and Ghanan American father. In February 2015 she launched GRIOT (, an online magazine, a collective of artists and cultural producers, and a creative hub that celebrates diversity through arts, culture, creativity, and related stories of creatives from Africa and the diaspora, from Italy and the rest of the world.

In 2015, GRIOT organised the event Afroitalians in The Arts Today for the American Academy in Rome.

In 2016 and 2017, GRIOT released The Expats, The Untold Stories of Black Italians Abroad, a documentary series written and directed by Johanne Affricot which tells the stories of African Italians emigrated abroad looking for better opportunities and greater diversity. The series was widely shared by Italian media and received a strong coverage from

In October 2017, GRIOT launched a collaboration with VICE Italy.

GRIOT’s objective is to promote a better and more realistic representation of the contemporary cultural and artistic scene, through the online magazine, the design and development of events, editorial projects and videos, in collaboration with and for others realities, such as brands, festivals, museums, art and culture foundations, institutions and media companies.

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