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Ariam Tekle was born in Milan to Eritrean parents. Influenced by the strong bond with her motherland and her parents’ political involvement, Ariam graduated in International Relations at the State University of Milan (International Science and European Institutions). This educational path led her to deepen her interest in social issues related to immigration, the diaspora and transnationalism, integration and social inclusion, with special regard to the Eritrean community in Italy. That’s how she started to write down ideas for a video project aimed at narrating the experience of Eritrean children born and raised in Italy, in order to overcome the common rhetoric of the political debate around second-generation citizens. Ultimately, taking her MAs in Sociology and Anthropology at Université Libre de Bruxelles gave Tekle the appropriate skills and tools to realize what has now become her first documentary, Appuntamento ai Marinai [Rendezvous at the Marinai].